Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Enable cookies on your browser.
  2. Clear your browser's cache.
  3. Close all browser's tabs related to ESICM Website and Academy.
  4. Open a new tab and access the Login Portal.
  5. Enter your ESICM username and password to login.
Note: If you still have problems please issue a ticket with subject "Signing in problems".

If you already have an account from the ESICM website please read the following:

The Society has recently integrated the ESICM Academy (eLearning, Collaboration and Helpdesk) within the ESICM Website. This will enable users to access both services using their ESICM membership credentials (username and password).

However, if you have not an ESICM account, please get an account by registering to the ESICM website here.

You can login in the Academy using your ESICM credentials.

Please visit the ESICM website Lost Password page while you are NOT logged in in the ESICM website and proceed with the following steps.

  • Enter your username or your email address and then click Reset Password.
  • You will receive a reset link in your inbox (email regirestered with ESICM website). Please check your Spam folder if there is no reset email in your inbox.
  • Click on the reset link and you will be redirected to the corresponding page to change your password.
  • Note: Do not include special characters. A good password can be created using just letters from a-z, A-Z, 0-9, #$%@&*^!

ESICM Academy has successfully completed the application to accreditate the platform with the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME).

ESICM Academy courses are under evaluation by the Society's ELearning Committee in order to classify the courses and map Continue Professional Development credits.

ACE courses are only available for ESICM members (registered on the ESICM Website). If you are already an ESICM member (registered on the ESICM Website), please enroll yourself in a ACE course and all webcasts will be available.

Note: Not all ACE courses have webcasts.

Possible reasons are:
  1. You are not logged in (There is a You are not logged in note in the top right corner).
  2. You are accessing the Academy as a Guest (There is a G in the top right corner). In this case please log out and login again using your ESICM username and your password, OR
  3. You are not an ESICM member. Only ESICM members can self enrol in the Academy's ACE courses.

Visit the ESICM Academy ( application, login and then click on My Courses on the left toggling menu (Use the toggling icon-button to toggle the left menu).

Otherwise, you can access your Dashboard (via the top right dropdown menu) to view your courses and more.

PACT modules are now called eModules which refer to online eBooks, real time editable by Authors, searchables and based on microlearning strategy (small chapters of self contained information). You can access eModules through the Collaboration application.

Note: ACE courses utilize the training material contained in the eModules but furthermore they provide the learner with extra features such as progress recording, multimedia content, self assessments activities, examination simulation activities, interactive patient challenges and more.

Note: Since we are in the updating process not all old PACT modules have an equivalent ACE course. All available ACE courses can be accessed from the ACE courses tile on the Academy’s frontend or by searching using a keyword on the Academy’s top search button.

If you can read this Frequently Asked Question then you are in the right place. Just click Home from the left toggled side menu to return on the main page.

Master Class courses are training programmes with limited number of places that include online preparation prior to the face to face event.

If you want to access a master class, please follow the standard registration procedure available on the ESICM website or contact

Preparation Examination courses (ex. EDIC I, EDEC) are limited seats courses. Therefore you can't self-enrol in these courses.

For an EDIC I Preperation course or other limited seat course access you must register for the corresponding LIVE event (India or Congress) at the ESICM website. For more details about it please send an email at

You must be a registered ESICM member to manage your enrolments/unenrolments in the ESICM Academy Platform.

To enrol yourself in an ACE course please:

  • Login using your ESICM credentials.
  • Click on the ACE course card to navigate to the course's short info page.
  • If you are an ESICM member and the course is available an Enroll Me button will be visible at the upper right corner of the page.

ACE courses: Academy Critical care Education courses (ACE) utilize the training material contained in the eModules but furthermore they provide reader progress recording, multimedia content, self assessments activities, examination simulation activities, interactive patient challenges and more.

eModules: are online eBooks, real time editable by Authors, searchable and based on microlearning strategy (small chapters of self contained information).

Most old PACT modules have been transcripted and updated into an evidence based, microlearning, interactive eLearning curriculum. For all those old PACT modules without the equivalent ACE courses, we still provide them through the Collaboration application as eModules.

ACE courses are available only to ESICM members. EDIC I candidates, EDEC candidates, Master Classes candidates have access on corrensponding educational resources (courses and reading material) based on the training group they belong to

G refers to Guest.

If you are navigating the Academy platform without logging in, the system automatically assigns you as a Guest. Guests have no privileges to enrol/unenrol in courses.

If you want to login using your ESICM credentials, please be sure to log out yourself from Guest role first.

Old PACT modules have been replaced by ACE courses and there are published in the ESICM Academy platform.

All ESICM's registered users (users that have an account on ESICM Website) have by default reading access to the Collaboration reading material.

If you are a registered ESICM user you can access the Ticketing System to issue a new ticket. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Login to ESICM Helpdesk system using your ESICM credentials. Note that the Academy is integrated with SSO (Single Sign On).
  2. Access the Helpdesk's Ticketing System.
  3. Open a new Ticket.
  4. Select a Department (eLearning, Administrative).
  5. Follow the instructions to open a new ticket.

New tickets can be issued for registered and non-registered ESICM Academy users.

  1. You can access the Ticketing System and proceed using your personal email and your name.
  2. You will receive an email regarding your ticket details from the ESICM Helpdesk - Ticketing system.
  3. Use the email from the Step 1 to track your ticket status and replies.