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    Course summary

    Welcome to the e-learning course on infusion pumps!

    This e-learning consists of theory and cases. The theory covers the ‘Physical Effects’ and the ‘Maintenance and metrology for infusion devices’. If you’re finished reading the theory, the cases will provide you with examples from day-to-day practice. Some cases are specific for the practice of the (Neonatal) Intensive Care. Each case has about four questions that you need to answer. The case is completed when a sufficient number of correct answers is given. The e-learning is completed when all the cases have been completed.


    Background e-learning

    For more than 25 years, multiple drug infusions through one injection point (multi-infusion) have been known to cause severe dosing errors. A large percentage of these errors can be avoided if the users of infusion technology have a better understanding of the equipment. Therefore, it is very important to create awareness and understanding of the physics and metrology (science of measurement) involved to the users of infusion technology. This e-learning Course (eCourse) aims at improving the general understanding of multi-infusion in order to avoid dosing errors. The eCourse is the result of the scientific activities of the project Standards and e-learning course to maximise the uptake of infusion and calibration best practices (Project Number: 15SIP03) funded by the European Metrology Programme for Innovation and Research (The EMPIR is jointly funded by the EMPIR participating countries within EURAMET and the European Union).

    Course Topics

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    After studying this module on multi-infusion management you should be able to:

    • Understand the factors that may cause drug administration by infusion to be counter-intuitive.
    • Understand the causes and consequences of delays between interventions in infusion therapy and the response of the patient.
    • Understand the implication of dead volume in an infusion system.
    • Understand the effects on drug delivery of a syringe or infusion bag exchange

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